Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Lesson from Super Nintendo...LOL

OK, put on your game hat and travel with me to the time of Super Nintendo! I know that's a strange request, but I need you to remember the days of Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country :) These were my two favorite games to play growing up (well in high school...lol). My favorites mostly because I could actually play the entire game, beat each level, and conquer the final chapter over and over!

Back to the point, in each of these games there are parts where you have to play in the dark. The screen actually goes dark and although you can still hear the music and the sounds of approaching enemies, you can't see anything save for the small light around your character. These used to be the most difficult stages especially in Donkey Kong Country where you had to shoot Donkey Kong from one barrel to the next without actually being able to see where the next barrel was. It was always a relief to get through these sections of the board and find a way back to the fullness of light. Yes it was just a game, but those were some tense moments!

What triggered this trip down memory lane? Well, this morning's quiet time with God. The reading for May 18 from Sarah Young's Jesus Calling speaks of following God completely and trusting Him to lead the way throughout the day. "Do not blindly follow your habitual route, or you will miss what I have prepared for you" (p. 145). When we try and walk our own path, we place blinders on ourselves and allow for no outside interference as we travel. We think we have everything planned out perfectly and we just march ahead not realizing all of the opportunities we are passing by. However, when we allow God to lead, He removes the blinders and opens up a world of service and adventure to us.

It's kind of like the video games described above. When we think we can do it ourselves, we're causing our entire world to be darkened out, save for the little light we have shining in front of us. Sure we can make it through the day, but we're missing out on a lot! When we give our day to the Lord and allow Him to lead, He fills our path with His fullness and light. Everything is lit up and we can see clearly the paths leading to danger and the paths leading to abundant joy! When we allow ourselves to see the world around us as God sees it, we realize our path is vast and the opportunities are numerous. How much greater a journey when He is leading!

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