Saturday, May 8, 2010

We're not the only ones...

OK, so I'm a huge fan of Diner Dash! It's one of my favorite ways to just chill out and get my mind off of everything going on around me. It's a mind boggling "time management" game that can really drive me crazy. In order to win, you have to get faster and faster at seating guests, serving food, drinks, and keeping everyone super happy. When I go out to restaurants and see how slow the service is, I think to myself, "Obviously this team of servers has not been trained on Diner Dash!" LOL.

I've been stuck on level 10 of the Pharaoh's Feast for I don't know how long. I was so fed up with it that I stopped playing the game altogether. But then today I decided to check out message boards and see if anyone else was or is having the same trouble. Sure enough there were messages across the Internet asking for help followed by posts on just what to do. Within 45 minutes I had finally passed the level!

A lot of times when I'm having computer trouble or need some cheat codes for a video game (lol), I'll go online and check out the message boards on Google, Yahoo! or whatever. There are so many people out there that surely I cannot be the only one having trouble. As of today I have yet to find an answer when searching through the message boards.

There's a life lesson in this, of course :)  Our Father God has given us His message board, the Holy Bible, to flip through whenever we're having trouble, need a pick me up, want to cry, laugh, praise His name, etc. Hundreds of people back in Bible times have experienced the same situations we have. OK, so the setting and time frame is completely different, but more often than not the circumstances, the human emotions, relations, and attitudes are just the same. If we flip through this Holy message board then we're going to find a solution to what's bothering us. Again, I have yet to look through the Word of God and not find the answers!

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