Saturday, June 26, 2010

Weather Forecast

Taking a Saturday off for a day to rest, relax, and just flip around the television, I stumbled across several commercials pushing a variety of newscasts boasting the best weather forecasts. I guess the amount of commercials relating to the weather comes with the territory of living in a hurricane prone area. The competition, apparently, is tough. Every news station wants to have the best meteorologists and the most up to date weather information available. One station even went so far as to say that the directions for the day, details, instructions, and preparations that people crave before stepping out the door can all be met through the forecast given by their meteorologists.

When I heard that, I asked myself, "Wow, am I really listening to a commercial for the weather?" I mean, that is exactly what we all need to start our day, but we don't need to tune into the weather, we need to tune into God! Taking a moment to view the weather each day is not a big deal, but hearing a commercial portray that their weather report can fulfill a person’s needs to get through the day is pretty sad.

We all crave daily instructions on how to navigate through life, but we need to make sure our day starts not with man’s answers, but with God’s. He provides all the information we need to get through the day and only the day before us. There’s no need for a seven day forecast. He knows what we need and He’s already working on our behalf. All He asks of us is to focus on Him and the new day He has given us. When we wake up tomorrow, let’s remember to reach for the Word and not the remote. The weather forecast, since it’s apparently broadcast every ten minutes, will be there later!

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