Friday, August 6, 2010

Day Five Prayer Fast: Seek and Turn

Come. Drink. Listen. Seek. Turn. Live in Joy and Peace.

Day five in this week devoted to prayer finds me seeking and turning. How?

Today started with a prayer and a reminder from Jesus Calling not only to give troubles over to the Lord, but also to leave them there and move on to the next thing. As I look back on the fun I had today with my niece and family, I realize that is what I did. This evening, however, when things died down, I felt the need to pray some things out and seek the Father. Did I? Honestly, No. I tuned into a few more television programs and read a few more e-mails until one of those e-mails hit a little too close to the core of what needed to be prayed over. Only then, and slowly, did I turn off the television, let go, and let God.

The words "Seek Him" came to mind and I asked, "Lord, how in the world am I supposed to seek You?" The thought had been near all evening and while I thought I was trying to find ways to do that, I was really looking for more things to keep me preoccupied and away from the ultimate sit down one on one. The moment I asked how do I seek, the Lord pointed out that all I have to do is come to Him, drink of His word and listen. Jeremiah 29:13 says, "You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart."

Seeking began with praising; praising God for His mercy, grace, and love and praising Him for the direction I know and am believing He will give. Seeking Him caused me to turn my eyes, ears, heart and soul towards Him and truly pray out what was going through my mind. Things I had not thought of or even considered came to mind and I was worried. Even though we were to come into this week of prayer leaving the planning up to God, I still had what I thought was a sense of the things the Lord would cover this week; apparently I was wrong. I had some alarms and definitely had to take a moment to remind myself to give them over to God and ask for His help to leave them with Him and move to the next step. It wasn't easy and just when I thought it was hopeless, God surprised me!

It's not about the feelings involved in prayer or that special sense or feeling that God is there; it's the everyday practice of the presence of God and the reality of God with us that is key. When I was stripped of these notions and concepts and truly open to whatever the Lord wanted to say, when I stepped down and allowed Him to step up, that's when I heard from Him. That's the moment I was completely caught off guard. God laid something entirely out of the blue on my heart and although it cannot be shared here or now (because it will be typed up later), I can do nothing but praise God for His surprise and direction and ask that He bless the project that He has so clearly defined.

Praise God for His all knowing, ever present, all powerful wisdom in all that He gives us. Even when we think it is a horrible circumstance, God means it for good. Seeking Him Has led to a turning point in one area and I am praying, praising, and trusting for the Lord's continued direction in other areas.  Please know that I am praying for the same for You, my church, missions, family, and friends!

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  1. Being a part of your prayer week has given me things to consider. Thank you for sharing.