Monday, August 2, 2010

Day One of 24/7 Prayer at HPNaz!

My church, Highland Park Church of the Nazarene, has just kicked off a 24/7 prayer week this week and I'm excited to share a daily blog on my experiences with God through this particular week devoted to prayer. Here's the first entry:

I wasn't able to attend the prayer kick off Sunday night, but spent an hour in prayer after the service Sunday morning. I'm really excited to be on board and spending at least an hour in prayer each day especially this week. Yesterday's prayer time was more than an hour and was just filled with praise for what God has, is, and will be doing in my life, HPNaz, this community, and missions around the world. God is teaching me to take the first step and just "come" to Him!


P.S. - You can follow HPNaz's pastor Brett Rickey's blog at Cool Leadings

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  1. So glad that you are making time to hear God's voice. Be blessed.