Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day Six and Day Seven - Keep On Praying!

Wow! What an amazing weekend of prayer this has been. I didn't post on day six because I was just taking a day to unplug and rest in the Lord and the new lessons He is teaching me. It was nice not to have a particular schedule for the day; I just let the day flow and I went along with it. I thought about day one - coming into God's presence; day two - drinking of God's Word; day three - listening for God's voice/hearing from Him, day four - seeking God in the quiet; day five - again seeking Him and turning to keep my focus on Him; and then day six - living and resting in God's Joy and Peace (His presence).

Day seven, today, was a wonderful surprise from the Lord. Back when I started this prayer week with my church, I learned of the six principles listed on day one through six above. I also learned from the ministry I work with, to treat this week as the six days of marching around Jericho and on day seven shouting with praise and Joy knowing and believing that God will bring down the walls in my life and help me move on in Him.

Honestly, I wasn't sure how day seven would go. Truth be told, I didn't plan anything for any of the prayer days. I let God plan and move me and that was a completely new experience! It was no surprise that I woke up this morning with a clear path from the Lord. Walls are going to come down, but it's going to take time. I am committing to another full week of prayer as this week. I'm taking it one day or one week at a time, but hoping I can get myself in a permanent prayer fast of leaving behind self and devoting an extra hour a day to prayer. This has been a life changing time of spiritual growth and I have absolutely loved it...the good, the bad, and the ugly...LOL!

Another wonderful experience today was during this morning's worship service at church. It was a great wrap up to the church wide week of prayer and an intro to the next sermon series on God's grace. At the end of the service we closed with a time of music and prayer pouring our hearts out in song while others went to the front to pray and pray over others. Near the closing, the song grew louder and we began singing louder and shouting praises to the Lord. That's when it hit me. We were shouting on day seven and the walls were coming down! Another path, although not completely clear, was revealed and I left the service with a sense of God's affirmation to continue in Him and continue practicing the reality of His presence no matter how I feel.

It's been a great week of new experiences, new lessons, and some face to face moments learning a few not so simple lessons about myself. I am excited to continue in this prayer fast as well as keep posting as often as possible. God has blessed my life and through your responses, I am seeing that He has blessed your life. Praise be to His name. The walls are not all down, the paths are not all clear, but one thing is for sure, prayer and open communication with the only One who is truly in charge of my life MUST continue. The great God of the Universe wants to talk to me and I am listening! Holy Spirit help me continue!!

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