Monday, August 23, 2010

Face the Storm

It rained this morning and I mean hard drops of rain. It started out slowly. I was walking the beach and could feel a few drops here and there. By the time I made it back to the beach in front of the room the rain had really started coming down. I was about to go in when I stopped and asked myself, "What are you doing?" There's no thunder or lightning. Hang out a little while." So I did. I had the beach to myself, the pool, and the hot tub. No one was around. It was pouring. My hat's visor blocked the rain from my face as I enjoyed a wonderful swim. Beneath the waters there was calm and silence. The rain was pounding the surface, but I was safe under the water. Even when I came up for air and eventually went to sit in the hot tub, the pounding rain continued, but I realized it wasn't really all that bad.

We have storms in life. We talk about them a lot, because like summer rain in Florida, they can be pretty frequent. This morning's storm was rough, but it wasn't anything I couldn't handle. Beneath the surface of the water I found peace. The sun wasn't blazing down on me. The wind was keeping me cool. It was a perfect morning at the beach despite the rain. It can be a beautiful day in life too, despite the storms brewing. There's nothing going to happen that you can't handle with God's help. At first glance the storm seems fierce, but once you get to know it better, recognize what's going on and why, you will find peace in the arms of the Father who will see you through.

Take some time this week to walk in the rain, dance in the wind, and face the storm. With God leading you through, there's no need to worry or wait until it passes. Face it head on with the power of God and find out what's on the other side!

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