Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's Not Always Pretty - Day 2 in the Prayer Fast!

It's day 2 in the week of devoted, intentional prayer at my church and through the ministry I work with and God is not holding back! I'm realizing that my devotion/quiet time with God prior to this time of specific prayer was not near long enough, deep enough, or devoted enough on my part. I was breezing through some scripture, sending up a quick prayer and off I went.

The past two days, I've allowed myself to really stop and sit and think, speak, be silent, pray, sing, and be still before God. It's not easy and it's not pretty. When we bring ourselves to a stopping point, our world literally stands still and everything that we have taken in through our five senses comes rushing back to us and we realize just what we're living in and around on a daily basis. Pain, sorrow, peace, joy; it's all there and it's not always easy to digest. The Lord is using this prayer time to teach me that if I would slow down in every second of my life and dwell on what is happening, I would learn to lift it to Him immediately in prayer before walking on. Doing this eases the burden from my shoulders and assures me that things are covered under the mighty wings of the Father because I've given it to Him and let it go. (Letting go is key!)

Thank you Father! Forgive me for taking so long to come to you. Your timing is perfect. Thank you for being faithful to me even when I was not to You. I am blessed and growing knowing that you are with me on the high places and in the low valleys!

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