Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pray It Out

Since the closing of one of my favorite gyms, I've turned to the in home walking series by Leslie Sansone for my regular aerobic/cardio workout. Don't let the name fool you, the Walk at Home series is way more than walking! It actually comes on a variety of levels. The one I'm doing is a high impact aerobic workout that involves some intense attention to lunges, squats, weights and resistance. It's no wonder between every set of moves that we're encouraged to "walk it out" before moving on. It's some tough stuff, but walking it out allows for a break without actually stopping the work out or losing momentum.

I'm finding the same is true when it comes to those out of control, intense moments in life. We face some crazy situations and we don't always know how to handle them. Sometimes it's easier to vent to someone about it or dwell on the situation trying to solve it ourselves. This method, however, stops us in our tracks and we lose momentum. Things come to a complete halt and we find it nearly impossible to move forward.   

Sometimes we need to "walk it out" or in these types of circumstances, we need to pray it out. God is waiting for us to come to Him with all of our needs and fears. He is our ultimate counselor and when we bring our troubles to Him, He will show us how to handle them. This was something that I had to put into practice several times this weekend. Little dilemmas found their way into my mind and I was on the verge of panic when I picked up Jesus Calling and read the daily devotional reminding me to come to God and to speak to Him not just in prayer time, but all of the time.

Through each circumstance, I took a time out to pray it out and talk it over with the Lord. I didn't put my life on hold until the answer was revealed. I kept going, kept up the pace, and continued walking while at the same time talking it out. God hasn't revealed all the answers yet, but I'm trusting Him to guide me one step at a time. He has answered the main prayer of helping me not to turn the small problems into something huge and I know He will reveal the solution in His time.

The next time things take an overwhelming turn for the worst, just pray it out. Don't stop in life, just take a breather and keep moving while talking it over with the One with all the answers. The journey is a lot more fulfilling when we stay in communication with our Guide!

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