Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Hope of Things to Come

On February 2, many people watched eagerly as Punxsutawney Phil (the groundhog) crept out of his den and into the fresh air above. The question on everyone's mind, would he see his shadow or not? On that day, Phil did not see his shadow indicating a quick arrival of Spring. It was great news for Groundhog's Day, but after the following week of howling winds, heavy rain/ice, and litterally tons of snow, it wasn't something much of the Nation was too sure of.

What we do know for sure, however, is that whether it's six weeks until Spring or six more weeks of winter, Spring will eventually come. Some of us here in the South are already experiencing the promise of Spring. Just last week I could feel a warmth in the wind replacing last month's cold bite. Orange blossoms are beginning to spread a sweet frgrance through the air and yellow flowers are blooming along the roadways. It's a reminder of the promise of new life to be fulfilled. It's hope and assurance for those in the snow that slowly but surely the warmth and life of Spring will return.

There is another promise of hope and life that is before us; the promise of the return of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Like winter, our lives are dark, cold, and filled with the death of sin. We feel empty, sad, alone, and hopeless. No matter how hard we try to overcome, our sins engulf us. But there is Hope and there is redemption and life in Christ. Romans 3:23 reminds us that we are all sinners and that we all fall short of the perfection and glory of God. We all, whether we admit it or not, experience the winter of sin in our life daily. What can we do about it? Accept the Hope that is before us. Romans 6:23 tells us that the price for our sin is death, but God has given us His Son Jesus Christ to pay that price for us. John 3:16 describes how Jesus gave his life on the cross as payment for our sin. He who knew no sin became sin so that we might have life (2 Corinthians 5:21). For by His grace we are saved and given the gift of forgiveness and eternal life (Ephesians 2:8-10).

Our life is made new when we confess our sins and our need for the Savior's redeeming blood to wash us clean. Spring comes forth within us and we experience a new transformation in Christ, but it doesn't end there. Jesus has promised us that He will not leave us in this World where we will continue to face tempations, trials and tribulations. He will one day return and take all of us who believe in Him home to live with Him in the forever beauty and peace of Heaven. We cannot see it, but we know it's there. We walk by faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). We watch with faith for the return of our Lord and Savior and for that blessed day when we will be forever set free in Him (Matthew 24, John 14:1-4, Revelation 19).

Do you have that glorious Hope and assurance? Is there someone you know who does not have this promise of new lfie? This morning, my pastor had prepared (for the second week in a row) a message on the future and growth of the church. But, for the second time He was woken up from a sound sleep by the Lord Jesus urging Him to remind the church that Christ will return and they must be ready.

Spring is an exciting time and as we make this transition together in the coming weeks, remember that there will one day be a final transition into a forever Spring with the Savior. But it is a Hope that is only given to those who believe. Don't let you or a loved one get taken away by an eternity of sin and separation from the Father. Come to Him and feel the Hope and Peace of the Savior.

We closed out our service this past Sunday with this amazing song. Click the link below to hear Revelation Song and watch a video someone has put together. Can't play it? Go directly to the source:


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