Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In A Word: Debt

Debt. We all have it lurking in the corners of our life in one form or another. With tax day approaching, many of us are taking an extra long look at our financial debt. The debt may not be big or it may be overwhelming. No matter the size, debt is debt and the burden of it is taking up space in our bank account and our life. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just snap our fingers and make all of the debt and bills just go away?

Although financial debt weighs many of us down, it’s not the only debt causing sleepless nights. There’s another debt we often refer to as guilt that is pulling us down. Guilt is an emotion brought on by our own wrongful actions; actions we wish we could erase or ignore or even pay off through the system of good works. But, no matter how many good deed payments we make, the feelings of failure, inadequacy, and even hopelessness just keep piling on. Just like financial debt we wish we could make it all go away or make things right again, but we can’t.

Thankfully, hope is not lost and there is redemption through the blood of Christ. He took on the sins of the world in order to provide us with eternal debt forgiveness. Unlike debt forgiveness in the financial world, eternal debt forgiveness wipes all debt and guilt away completely, no strings attached. It’s hard to imagine all past debts and guilt wiped away, but the shedding of Christ’s blood does just that. What’s even greater is the fact that all future debt including those repeat offenses we so foolishly thought we had overcome are also wiped away. How’s that for a fresh start and a clean slate in life?

Sounds too good to be true. Forgiveness of our sins? Debt cancellation? No more guilt? For free? Well, free for us, yes, but it did cost something; it cost Christ His life. He who knew no sin, took on the sin debt and guilt of the world and He took it all the way to the cross. Jesus Christ lifted the burden from our shoulders and placed it on his own. The pain and the reality of the weight of the load He carried literally drained the life from His body. But why? Why would He do that? He could have simply said all is forgiven, but it wouldn't have been eternal. Something had to be given in exchange for complete forgiveness. Christ submitted to the will of His Father and gave himself as a sacrifice upon the cross in order to free each and every one of us from our sin and He did it because He loves us. He didn't stop there. He arose from the grave on the third day sealing the eternal forgiveness with eternal life to all who believe.
Can any of us truly comprehend a love so great?! Forgiveness of debt plus eternal life! There is forgiveness, there is life, and there is freedom in the blood of Christ!

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  1. Thanks Amanda for writing about debt. You hit the nail on the head!