Monday, March 14, 2011

In A Word: Diet

Spring is on it's way and for some has already made an appearance. Along with spring is the arrival of swimsuits, shorts, tank tops, sandals and all of the other clothing and apparel associated with the season. Weight loss commercials and ads centered around dieting have also resurfaced across the Internet and on television. No one wants to jump into spring still carrying the extra pounds of winter. So it's no wonder that today's In A Word theme would be centered around the word diet. But it's not what we think about diets that matters, it's what we don't think that makes a world of difference.

True, most of us associate the word diet with weight loss, but how many of us realize that diet should also be associated with "habitual nourishment"? Strange, yes, especially when it's commonly thought that diet is about cutting back on food not promoting it. Yet the true meaning behind this intimidating four letter word is to promote weight loss (keyword "promote") by establishing routine and nourishing eating habits. There's no hidden message behind the word to drop 20 pounds in 20 days. There's no ulterior motive pushing people to drop weight by dropping food. There's only the promotion of healthy eating. If we want to look good this spring, we need to watch how we eat by only filling our stomachs with nourishing food on a regular basis. Eating on a schedule keeps us from getting hungry and anxiously eating everything in sight in an attempt to satisfy the stomach pains and shakes associated with hunger. This is what diet is all about and it's not just for the physical body. Diet and dieting is a great habit to form when it comes to routinely nourishing the spiritual body as well.

Feeding ourselves with routine servings of God's Word is a healthy way to nourish our souls and keep ourselves energized and ready to serve. If we were to diet on God's word with the usual idea of dieting in mind, we'd be cutting back on how much we take in every day. We would be spiritually starving ourselves and would most likely find a deep depression lurking in our minds. But with light shed on the real meaning behind diet, we understand that in order to promote and experience a healthy spiritual weight, we must commit to reading God's Word regularly. Routine feedings will help us overcome fear, worry, trials and hardships. We'll have the nourishment and the know how to stand against anything the enemy tries to send our way.

Diet and dieting is not a word to cringe at or fear, but instead a healthy reminder to promote physical and spiritual eating habits on a routine basis. When we're nourished regularly then we can serve regularly. We'll be on top of the game filled physically and spiritually by routine doses of nourishing foods.

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  1. Amanda,
    Great post. I love how you use the word diet. Thanks for stopping by.