Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In A Word: God

On Monday I blogged about the alphabet and how its 26 letters come together to form hundreds of millions of words both beautiful and sometimes hurtful. Today I want to focus on each of those letters and how they represent one of many words used to describe God. It's an exercise we used to go through at a ministry I worked with. We sometimes referred to it as the ABC's with God. Read along and then try it out during your next prayer time with God!

A - Absolute, Amazing, Awesome
B - Breath-taking, Beautiful
C - Counselor, Creative, Creator
D - Dependable, Delightful
E - Exalted, Energetic
F - Faithful, Father, Friend
G - Gracious, Glorious, God
H - Healer, Holy, most High
I - Immanuel, Infinite
J - Just, Judge
K - King, Knight, Keeper
L - Loving, Lord, Light, Life
M - Majestic, Messiah, Marvelous, Mighty
N - Never ending, Never leaving
O - Omnipotent (All powerful), Omniscient (All knowing), Omnipresent (Always present)
P - Patient, Perfect, Prince of Peace
Q - Quiet, Quick
R - Redeemer, Refuge, Rock
S - Salvation, Savior, Song
T - Trustworthy, Truth, Trinity
U - Understanding
V - Victorious, Valiant
W - Worthy, Wonderful, Wise
X - X-treme, X-cellent
Y - Yahweh
Z - Zealous

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