Thursday, March 10, 2011

In A Word: Grace

Grace. It's a gift that I definitely do not deserve. God's gift of Grace comes to each of us on a daily basis and in a variety of ways. Just this past week I found myself faced with a dilemma and I didn't know how to solve it. Truth be told, it wouldn't have been such a challenge if I'd faced it when it first crossed my path. But, I didn't. I let it go and we all know that these sort of things (no matter the shape or size) never magically solve themselves.

Fortunately God gave me Grace in the form of patience. He was patient with me as He taught me little by little to recognize life's trials and stand firm in His strength instead of running from them or delaying them for another day. He also gave me Grace in the form of understanding. He knew that I wanted very much to see His will in all areas of my life and that I was procrastinating because I was so afraid I would make the wrong move. This is when He gave me Grace in the form of Fatherly love. He wrapped His arms around me and said, "I make firm the steps of you who delight in me; though you may stumble, you will not fall, for I will hold you up with my hand." (Paraphrased by me, from Psalm 37:23-24).

Grace was then given to me in the form of knowledge and clarity. I realized that I had been afraid all this time of falling and not just falling, but the inability to get up and try again. Through God's Holy scripture, I was reminded that my steps are not my own. Every step I take is in the Lord and has been ordered by Him. He is armed and ready to see me through. If I fall, He will catch me. If I go too fast, He will slow me down. If I stop to sit for a while, He will refresh me and move me along.

Isn't God's Grace a beautiful thing? It's so much bigger than we could ever comprehend and I'm just talking  about the small doses we receive on a daily basis. Our minds cannot even begin to comprehend the Grace behind God's greatest gift to such an undeserving people. He sent His only Son Jesus Christ to die for us. Jesus gave his sinless, selfless, pure life for our corrupt, filthy ones. We don't deserve to be redeemed. We don't deserve to be cleansed of sin free of charge. We don't deserve to stand before God bathed in the blood of the Son of God and yet we are. What Grace. What Amazing Grace!

Below is a clip featuring Chris Tomlin's version of Amazing Grace. Please watch or click Amazing Grace to view the video on youtube.

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