Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In A Word: Quote

I didn't want to miss a day in the month long blogging, but was feeling a little low on words. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty to write, but the time is slipping away. So here is a quote that I stored for a rainy day. A friend of mine posted this on his cancer care page. Going through aggressive chemo and faced with rapidly spreading cancer, he's been through hell on earth yet his faith stands strong. I'm not going to say it doesn't waiver, but he returns to the Cross of Christ again and again on his knees knowing full well where his strength comes from. His story is a testimony to all he meets. In light of his circumstances, he posted this quote as a prayer.

"Take from me, O Lord, that self-pity which love of myself so readily
produces, and from the frustration of not succeeding in the world as I
would naturally desire, for these have no regard for your glory.
Rather, create in me a sorrow that is conformable to your own. Let my
pains rather express the happy condition of my conversion and
salvation. Let me no longer wish for health or life, but to spend it
and end it for you, with you, and in you. I pray neither for health nor
sickness, life nor death. Rather I pray that you will dispose of my
health, my sickness, my life, and my death, as for your glory, for my
salvation, for the usefulness to your church and your saints, among whom
I hope to be numbered. You alone know what is expedient for me. You
are the Sovereign Master. Do whatever pleases you. Give me or take
away from me. Conform my will to yours, and grant that with a humble
and perfect submission, and in holy confidence, I may dispose myself
utterly to you. May I receive the orders of your everlasting, provident
care. May I equally adore whatever proceeds from you."

The Mind on Fire, an Anthology of the Writings of Blaise Pascal


  1. Thanks for sharing, oh my, I came to this screen with self-pity, and this cut to the heart of that matter.

  2. Glad to share Janette. It really does cut to the core and causes one to get on their knees! Blessings to you!