Thursday, March 24, 2011

In A Word: Technology

Several days ago I blogged about the word "humor" and shared how the youth department at my church presented the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in a humorous and captivating way. It was a great drama; one that has opened up many opportunities for me to share with others. I am excited to share that the video of the sermon is now online at (The video starts with a quick prayer for the people of Japan and then jumps into the drama.)

I was just going to post an update blog and let everyone know that the sermon was now available online, but then I realized the amazing concept we have going through online video and I decided to turn it into a new blogging opportunity. Why? Because I spent an entire blog trying my best to describe the hilarious skit put on by the youth department knowing that I could also just tell everyone to click on the link and view the entire skit online. How crazy and great is that? We attend church one Sunday and if we missed something or even missed out on the service, we can just log on to the Internet and download a full video copy of everything that went on. Many churches even offer live web casts of the service that way if we can't make it to church in person then at least we can make it via the Internet. Think about it, technology is really moving at lightning speed!

It's not just videos and live Internet broadcasts that have captured the techno world. Last Sunday my pastor shared how everything he needs has gone from filling up a briefcase to simply taking up the space of one pocket. His calendar, Bible, dictionary, computer, music player, etc. is all stored on his phone. He demonstrated how he can speak into his phone in English and have it play back in Spanish. What's that familiar phrase that's taking over the phone lines? Oh yes, "there's an app for that." It's true, there's literally an application or app for just about everything we can think of!

Technology is turning out to be a fantastic tool for ministry. Of course there's a lot of things to be careful of as with any other type of tool, but for the most part, technology is helping spread the message of God at an incredibly fast and cheaper pace. However, even with the time saving opportunities provided by technology, it's important to remember that not even it can take the place of a regular daily quiet time of prayer and meditation with the Lord.  Nothing can fill our hearts and minds more than the sweet communion with the Heavenly Father.

Technology is constantly changing, but God is absolute. We don't have to turn Him in for an upgrade, pay for a better model, or wait for Him to power down, power up, upload, download, or any of that other techno stuff. He is ready and waiting to hear from us (more so than our best friend waiting for our next text). The message He has for us is far more life changing than any text or e-mail we may receive. Why not power down and plug into the Word of God and devote some one on one time with God for a few hours. It's amazing what a difference a little non-technology time can do for the spirit!

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