Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In A Word: Training

Today I watched a repairman from the glass company replace the front windshield of my truck. A small rock hit the windshield last week and slowly began to form a crack the size of a credit card over the weekend. It was a pain to get the windshield replaced, but thankfully it’s free in this state and after a few miscommunications the repairman showed up and switched it out for a new one. It looked as good as new once he was finished. I said as much and he jokingly replied that he had just read the instructions before coming over. Yeah right! A job like that takes a lot of precision, a steady hand, and of course training.

I realized the same goes into anything we commit ourselves to in life. We’ve each been gifted with a spiritual gift from God. Some of us write, sing, play an instrument, speak across the country, preach, pray continuously, raise children, teach and so on. No matter which strength we possess, God has equipped us and trained us to carry out the specific role in life.  For instance, no one just gets up one day, decides to teach, and then stops by the local school and starts randomly teaching a class. God first plants the desire in our heart and then directs our way through situations in life that allow us to grow in our passion for that role.

What matters to us matters to God. The enemy spends a lot of time trying to make us think that God is this almighty being that is out to get us or strike us with lightning when we’ve done wrong, but that just isn’t true. God loves us and He goes to extreme measures to show us that love. He sent His Son to die in our place so that we could have forgiveness of sins and eternal life. Not only that, but when Christ left, He gave us the Holy Spirit (His Spirit) to live within us so that we would constantly have an intercessor to pray on our behalf, direct our path, and give us comfort. God provides for all our needs and that includes the training we need to walk through this life for His glory. What an honor it is to call Him Father! What a blessed people we are to be cared for in such a loving and complete way!

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