Saturday, March 26, 2011

In A Word: Weeds

Weeds are probably the easiest plant life to grow and maintain. They require no work at all. In fact, the more we leave them alone the more they will grow and flourish. They will take over the garden, sidewalks, yards, and anything else in their path. Some weeds take on the appearance of beautiful spring flowers popping up in purples and yellows all over the place. The Dandelions are especially hard to get rid of and yet they are the most fun to pick. Who doesn't love to pick the Dandelions when the flowers have turned to those white puffy looking spores? It's great fun to let the wind catch them and carry the spores across the yard never mind the reality that we're only increasing the Dandelion population by a million! Children especially just love to pick them and bring in big bouquets of them to go on the dining room table and of course we can't tell them no.

Weeds are a lot like sin. When we don't bother doing anything about them, they grow rampant and consume everything in their path. When we don't acknowledge sin in our life, we're letting it take control and grow through areas of our life we thought we're safe. Sin takes on many different forms and can often appear like a good thing when first encountered, but like the Dandelions, the true nature of sin will soon show itself and spread its spores in our lives multiplying troubles and problems all over the place.

Getting rid of weeds is a chore, but when we realize we can't hang on to the beautiful flowers for risk of killing all of the real flowers and plant life in our yard we understand that spraying the weed killer is our only option. One spray with powerful weed killer will do it. They'll droop, and shrivel and eventually sag down back to the ground. We must then pull them up by the root to prevent them from returning. Sin requires similar treatment. Once we realize that it's not good for us (even though it may look pretty), we are free to spray the Word of God on it and ask God's forgiveness and watch as He washes it away. Like the weed though, we must always get rid of sin at the very root of the problem. If we aren't honest with ourselves and we only get rid of part of it, it will most definitely sprout up again and will be even stronger than before. Look for the root, confess it, and ask for God's strength to pull it up and throw it out. It may be painful, but in the long run our heart will be so much cleaner and more beautiful that it will be worth the work!

Romans 7:25, "Thanks be to God, who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord!"


  1. Amanda,
    I just love this one! I wrote a similar post a while back. What a great take on the word weeds. Blessings.

  2. Wonderful analogy. Get's right to the root of things. Thank you for the encouraging reminder.