Saturday, March 5, 2011

In A Word: Writing

It's no wonder that the word "writing" should make it's way onto the blog during this month of blogging to the theme of "In A Word." Writing is what blogging is all about. In fact, writing is blogging and blogging is writing. The terms have been made over to fit the technological world we live in. Writing involves using an instrument to construct words on a sheet of paper whereas blogging involves the use of a keypad or keyboard to type words directly onto a screen of some sort (be it phone, computer, laptop, etc.) It makes no difference what it's called though, writing/blogging is an expression of one's thoughts in a (believe it or not) artistic form.

Writing has always been a passion of mine. I remember sitting in study hall in junior high school writing stories. I could fill pages in a matter of minutes. My teacher would get on to me, saying I was not doing anything constructive, but when I shared the stories and the adventures of each character she left me alone. Although the stories weren't school assignments, they were apparently an exercise of the mind and she considered that a form of study.

I have always loved to read and to write. Literature was a favorite of mine as were the grammar lessons encountered in English class. My junior and senior years of high school were memorable thanks in part (not all) to my English class. We studied authors from various time periods and from locations all over the world. The stories we read were eye opening and captivating. Just this past month I finished reading a beloved classic by Charlotte Bronte; Jane Eyre. I am now reading another of Bronte's novels Villette. They say it was her finest novel. Thanks to the postings of YouTube (yes, there is some good there after all), I have spent the past month or so watching Jane Austen's Persuasion, Mansfield Park, and Northanger Abbey. Pride and Prejudice was (and still is) a favorite of mine growing up and naturally so was the A&E film starring none other than Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. I hope to find time (if possible) to revisit each of these in book form.

The classics weren't the only things to grab my attention and inspire my writing. I spent hours reading a collection of Christian based biographies of missionaries such as William Carey, Gladys Alyward, and more recently Amy Carmichael. Biographies of great inventors such as Benjamin Franklin, Eli Whitney, George Washington Carver and Frederick Douglas were also among the reads. I remember in college reading a biography about Marie Antoinette.Christian fiction and Christian romance made it's way into the mental library of my mind along with Bible studies, daily devotionals, and more modern day biographies.

Yes, reading was the launching pad for my love of writing. God blessed me greatly with the love and ability to write and has grown it tremendously over the years. In 1997, I signed on for the very first time to American Online (AOL was not used then...LOL). I discovered a new world of words and a new way to communicate a powerful message to others. God used me to write for His glory and tell others about His Son Jesus Christ on the World Wide Web. I sent out weekly newsletters with Bible studies and devotionals, scripture reading, and humorous stories. The newsletter had several name changes through that time, but has come to rest as Forever In Him, the very blog I have now.

I had dreamed of one day seeing the e-mail newsletter in print as a real publication, but was not able to carry it on. Postings every so often were sent out through e-mail, but that was it. Until just last summer when I came across Ruby for Women an online Christian e-zine. I contributed articles and was eventually asked to serve as assistant editor, which is what I do now. It has been a huge blessing to be writing, editing, and sharing with so many through this magazine. God is moving it in great ways and using it to reach His people. We are currently looking into ways to make this e-zine into a print publication. It's so exciting and I do invite everyone to check it out at and

As I sit back now and reflect on the way God has moved me in writing and used the great literary authors before me to urge me along the way, I realize more than ever how He has blessed me and trained me up to write His word. It is those who made themselves available to hear from God and record His word in the Bible that truly started it all. Scripture God breathed and written down. Men and women have given their lives to write the precious words of God and to have them printed and distributed in hundreds of languages throughout the world and throughout time. Writing is a gift, a true sacred gift. It is a spiritual gift. We have all been given spiritual gifts to be used for God's Glory. Each of us have a unique gift to use and I am so blessed that mine is writing. Thank you Lord for your sweet words and the ability to write them. As the verse at the top of the Forever In Him blog states, "The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it" (Psalm 68:11).


  1. What a rich history you have of writing in your personal background! What a blessing indeed it is to not only write, but do it as a gifting and for the glory of God. You're doing a wonderful job Amanda, and I know that the Ruby for Women group call it an honor to have you be such an integral part of the E-zine and their community. God's best to you in your writing endeavors!

  2. Amanda,
    I love your thoughts on the subject of writing. A great post.

  3. Expressing one's thoughts in words.

    It can be daunting at times, when the words swirl in circles. To be blessed with the direction of thought is the gift.