Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baby The Garden

Florida winters are usually cold and damp. We may not get snow, but we do get plenty of cloudy skies and lots of rain. Last fall my granddaddy (grandfather) planted tomatoes. His plan was to have tomatoes to serve at Christmas and another round to give to family at the end of February. Friends of his also planted tomatoes around the same time hoping for bright red juicy tomatoes for the holidays. By Christmas as well as the end of February, my granddaddy was passing around beautifully plump tomatoes. His friends, however, had very few tomatoes.

What made the difference? My granddaddy babied his tomatoes all winter. On the coldest nights while his friends covered their plants to protect them from the frost and hard freeze, my granddaddy was out in his garden wrapping his plants with sheets and setting up incubator lights to keep them warm. He kept watch over the plants throughout the night and the following day. The extra care and hard work paid off and we all enjoyed tomatoes at Christmas and in February.

Throughout this 21 day Daniel fast I'm learning that there are times when the gardens of our heart need similar care. This past Sunday was one of those days and I wasn't prepared. I found myself tired, irritable, and on the down side. I caved and had a few chocolate chip cookies thinking I shouldn't have to feel lousy. What I didn't realize until later that night was that during the beginning of the second week it is completely natural to feel this way. I felt horrible for caving and giving in. If I would've read my daily fasting devotional I would have been warned and taken extra precautions asking God for strength to overcome temptation.

The point of the fast is to draw close to God and learn to lean on Him at all times in life good or bad. I missed that point in the beginning, but thankfully God was patient and brought me full circle. I confessed my shortfall and spent extra time in prayer. It was definitely not the easiest way to learn the lesson, but I thank God that He didn't give up on me. He ended up being the one to baby my heart and teach me that it's OK for me to do the same.


  1. We are not perfect, what matters is the continued effort. I loved the story about the tomatoes. Good thoughts to ponder this Easter season. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have chosen to award your blog with the Golden Sprout award.