Friday, April 1, 2011

Darkness and Light

It was noon, but the skies were black. I've never experienced such a darkness. The morning started out with typical Florida thunderstorms, but it was clear by the early afternoon that the weather was about to turn not so typical for the last day of March. My Nana (grandmother) said if March doesn't come in like a roaring lion then it will surely leave with quite a commotion and that is just what happened. An incredibly large portion of central Florida found itself covered in the darkness of powerfully strong winds, thick clouds, and sheets of rain in all directions imaginable. One weather station reported that it was a weather system similar to those of Kansas and Nebraska. Pitch black as the saying goes would accurately describe the world outside that afternoon.

About half past noon the heavens roared and poured out heavy, thick rain with hail in some areas. The skies remained black as (what we later learned) a powerful tornado and series of funnel clouds made their way across the state. Trees bent with little effort. Patio furniture flew across the yard. The ground felt like it was trembling. Extensive damage was done around the area as the storm system quickly moved along heavily populated roadways and interstates. The aftermath was both small and large.

Surprisingly, the next day dawned with partly cloudy skies with a few rays of sunshine peaking out every now and again. By noon the skies were completely clear. A bright beautiful blue spread as far as the eye could see. The sun shone brightly and darkness was nowhere in sight. A local airshow could be heard in the distance. Loud noises, yet nothing even close to the terrible sounds of wind gusts measured in some places at 90mph. It was an incredible contrast and unbelievable to be honest. So much had happened the day before, signs of debris still evident, yet nothing but bright skies and glorious sunshine.

One day we will see a similar contrast when we are reunited with our Lord Jesus Christ. He will come for us with a glory so bright that our world will vividly look dark and bleak. We will awaken to a new heaven and a new earth and the darkness of the past will be gone. John 1:5 tells us that "the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not." I can't tell you how many times I've overlooked this verse. Coming back to it though, I found myself truly intrigued by the simple fact that the darkness "comprehended" not the light. How amazing is that. The light comes into the picture and the darkness not only cowers in fear, but completely vanishes. It doesn't know what to do in the presence of such power. It understands nothing about it and flees. Kind of like the storms that passed through that day. They poured their furry on the state, but once the sun broke through, it fled. In all its supposed strength and might, it was powerless against the bright shining sun of the new day. It comprehended it not and vanished.

Praise be to the Father of lights. Praise be to God for His great power and might. He alone deserves our admiration and praise. The light of God's presence shines through each of us and through His light, darkness has no power. When we stand strong in God, there is nothing to fear for He surrounds us with His light of protection. Stand as the noon day sun and watch the powers of darkness flee!


  1. I've seen storms like that. They are indeed a force not to be ignored. And yes, the analogy is a perfect comparison of this world and the next. Very moving, very powerful.

  2. All I have to say to that sister is AMEN !!

  3. March went out like a roaring lion here in NC as well. Those storms and darkness can be quite scary. Thank you for the reminder of Jesus coming and the vividness of God's light overcoming all darkness.