Friday, April 8, 2011

Growth in the Garden

It's day six in the 21 day Daniel fast (fasting from junk). Today was a tough day to get through. I was surrounded by snack foods and sweets most of the morning and by the afternoon I was so tired all I wanted to do was eat a pizza and drink a soda. The strength of God alone through the power of His Holy Spirit within me kept me from giving into temptation. In it's place, He began to direct my thoughts to the areas of growth in my life. I was feeling that my life was busier during this fast instead of more calm and devoted to prayer and time with God. While going through the fridge, of all places, God showed me just how much He is working in my life and especially in my heart.

If you've been on my FaceBook page you'll see that I've been blessed with a new four legged son. I have Dakota, my dog, and now I have Toby, my horse! It's unbelievable how it all came about. God just opened one door after another until my family grew from two to three. That's not all that He's been growing either. My heart has been opened up to new areas of growth through the process. For so long I've been stuck in a rut of working, staying home, and working more. I've been praying for a distraction or something to get me out of the house and out and about with people my own age, etc. It's hard to break habits and routines, but that's just what God has been doing. My schedule is unpredictable. My evenings are spent working the horse with a good friend of mine. (And let me tell you, tonight we really worked the horses and ourselves!) It's a complete change of pace for me and a growth I feel in my heart is from the Lord!

I'm totally enjoying my time restoring old friendships, building new ones, and learning to let go of my routine. Growth is not always fun and it can be painful, but the end results are such a huge blessing. Ask God to reveal the areas He is growing in the garden of your heart. We don't always recognize these areas as places of growth, but when we stop long enough to take a look from God's perspective, we'll be amazed at just how much He is working. We'll also be more aware and more willing to submit our will to His and allow Him to continue working in us. We're all a work in progress and what a blessing that progress is!

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  1. Congratulations on sticking with your fast. It is hard with so much tempatation to indulge everywhere you look.

    And, we all need to continue to grow and develope our relationships as well as our spiritual life. Good for you.